Bmw F30 Ne?

De F30 3-serie is een compacte luxewagen, geproduceerd door de Duitse autofabrikant BMW.

BMW 3-serie (F30) sedan
Type 3-serie F30
Productiejaren 2012 – 2019 (sedan-stationwagen) 2013 – 2020 (GT)

What is the F30/F31/F34 BMW?

The F30/F31/F34 generation was produced from October 2011 to 2019 and is often collectively referred to as the F30. For the sixth generation, the coupé and convertible models were spun off to create the new BMW 4 Series nameplate. BMW also introduced a separate hatchback model under the 3 Series nameplate called the 3 Series Gran Turismo (F34).

What is the BMW 3 Series F30?

The 3 Series has been in production since 1975, during which time it’s gone through several versions. The F30 is BMW’s internal model code specifically for the sixth-generation 3 Series sedan, produced between 2011 and 2019. This model code differentiates it from 3 Series vehicles from other BMW generations, like the E90, E46 and E36.

What happened to the BMW F30 fastback model?

In March 2019, the BMW 3 Series (G20) was released as the successor to the F30. But the F34 fastback model continued to be available until early 2020. Later, it was replaced by BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (G26) in June 2021. The exterior designer for the F30 sedan was Christopher Weil and exterior designer for the F31 Touring was Michael de Bono.

What is the difference between BMW F30 and F80 M3?

The BMW F80 M3 was produced between 2014–2018 and had several upgrades over the F30 including engines, aerodynamics, lightweight materials and interior design retrofits. In terms of the engine, the F80 has the S55 twin-turbocharged straight-six engine and is the first turbocharged engine in an M3 model. What is the technology package on BMW F30?