Alfa Romeo 164 Nasıl?

Ynt: Alfa Romeo 164 Kullananlar 164 çok kaliteli ve sağlam bir arabadır. Eğer temizini bulabilirseniz 8v 2.0 twinspark harikadır. Yol tutuşu basit motoru ve elektronik aksamlarıyla sizi yormaz.7 yıl kullandım beni hiç ama hiç üzmedi.

What happened to the Alfa Romeo 164?

The Pininfarina-designed 164 was the last Alfa Romeo we would receive here in the U.S. until the manufacturer’s return to the States in 2015. Many of its parts were shared with the contemporary Saab and Lancia, but the 3.0 Busso V6 gave the large, front-wheel-drive sedan some proper Alfa charm. We love their simplistic, angled shape.

What kind of car is a 164?

The 164 was offered as a 4-door saloon, unlike the related Type Four cars that were available in other bodystyles (i.e. Croma and 9000 hatchback; 9000 and Thema sedans; Thema wagon). In addition, until 1993, the 164 was only available in front wheel drive like the related cars.

What kind of engine does the Alfa Romeo Giulia have?

The top-of-the-line engine was the 3.0 L ‘Busso’ V6 designed by Giuseppe Busso originally for the Alfa 6. Its 12-valve design was later upgraded to 24-valves for the new V6 models and, specifically, the QV and Q4.